As in previous years the Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G) will organize a meeting in Brussels to exchange information on the 6th call of the FP7 Security programme and to stimulate networking for the creation of potential ideas and consortia.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 22 May and Wednesday 23 May at the Louvain Catholic University in Brussels (UCL).

Everybody interested in the participation in a topic for this call as coordinator or partner is invited to this meeting.

SMI2G is an initiative from ASD* (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe) Security R&T committee and EUROTECH Security Research Group**. SMI2G is an Open Forum, focused around the mission priorities of the Security programme, to exchange views on potential R&T proposals for the FP7 research programmes. SMIG meetings started with the PASR 1st call in 2004 and participation from SMEs, Research & Technology Organisations, Academia and Industries from all EU-27 and associated countries are encouraged (more than 350 experts and organisations are registered in the database).

The Goal of the SMI2G meetings is to:

The SMI2G meeting this year will start with several general presentations including the background of the 6th call for the Security Research programme, lessons learned from previous calls and the end-user view; also a perspective of the future Framework programme (Horizon 2020) will be given. Senior representatives from the European Commission will participate in this first pannel.

Then, for all seven activity areas in the work programme a session is organized (session 6 and 7 are combined). These sessions will include the following 4 steps:

  1. A short presentation of the activity area and a walk through of topics that will be covered in the 6th call under the activity.
  2. Short presentations of contributions for new proposals. This can include ideas for new proposals and also for specific contributions to proposals. Under “presentations” further instructions are given for the presentations. Everybody is asked to carefully select it contribution(s) because there is a limited time available. The presentations will be selected by the co-chairs of each session and therefore it is essential that they are submitted before the meeting. Presentations by potential coordinators have a preference. Potential consortia must be open for entry from other participants.
  3. Brainstorming and networking on new project ideas and consortia for each topic. In a decentralized way, participants can meet each other interested people in a specific topic. For each topic,  interested people can discuss their ideas and try to form a consortium.
  4. Summary of the session: which proposal ideas and consortia were discussed and which progress could be achieved?


In addition to the main SMI2GS event, the IMGS (Integrated Mission Groups on Security) will organize a forum in the same place on the evening of the 22nd of May. All SMI2GS participants are cordially invited.

*ASD represents the aeronautics, space and defence industry in Europe, our mission is to enhance the competitive development of the ASD Industry in Europe.

** EUROTECH is a group of major Research & Technology Organizations in Europe; the Eurotech Security research group stimulates the role of Research & Technology Organisations in the security research.