Instructions for presentations

Within each session short presentations on project proposals or proposal contributions will be given.

These presentations should be short, have a maximum of four slides for Coordinators and of two slides for Partners and take a maximum of five minutes and three minutes respectively. For each session the presentations will be grouped according to the areas as defined in the different activities of the call.


Soon a template for your presentation can be downloaded.


The following information should be given:

Please indicate shortly:

Slide 1:

- name, organisation, email address

- the topic in the session that you are addressing; please indicate clearly if your contribution involves more then one topic within the activity

- the type of contribution (proposal idea, proposal contribution as partner, coordinator, ...)

Slide 2:

- the details of your contribution

Slide 3

- in case you are presenting a proposal idea: what are you looking for (what kind of partners, what kind of technology, etc.).


The presentations are not intended to give

- a description of your organisation and an overview of their activities

- in-depth explanation of the technology

- general ideas that fit multiple topics of the sixth call


If you are presenting a consortium (including a proposal idea) the consortium should still be open and willing to accept new partners.


The presentations should be sent not later than 15 May to Please indicate clearly the session. In case there are too many presentations the cochairswill select the most interesting presentations.

After the presentations there will be the opportunity to have discussions per topic with interested people. Different areas in the meeting room will be devoted for each topic. Posters will be available and you are advised to bring a print out of your contribution to add it to the poster. New proposal ideas and potential consortia will be discussed per topic. You can bring a print-out of your presentations to support these discussions.